Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Meat free monday / thursday

All across the world, more and more people are being exposed to a meatfree diet. Thanks to meat free mondays (or thursdays in my country) people get to know vegetarian foods and are able to explore a new world. They come to the realization that vegetarianism/veganism is more than just lentils or salad and they are educated about the terrible effects current meat consumption has on the planet. Every step in the right direction is a good one and if this makes people think... all the better.

This is why I am proud to live in belgium (well sometimes proud...). Ghent (one of our major cities) was the first one in the world to have an official meat free day (thursday) and this caused a chain reaction with more and more cities all across the world following in our footsteps, international news coverage and many opportunities to get alternatives and information out there!

Recently the belgian vegetarian union EVA got to celebrate the first 'birthday' of 'donderdag veggiedag' (thursday vegetarian day). They used this opportunity to expose people to this concise but to the point video about the why of this campaign and how each of us can make a difference.

Here is the video (in english):

They translated the vid to dutch and posted it on their website (and youtube as well). You can find it here: one day can make a difference

If you know dutch or like using google translate :), check out their campaign website here: thursday vegetarian day

Campaigns such as these are clearly making a difference, just an example: tel aviv university meat free

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  1. I just happened to come across your blog while looking for more information about the Canadian Seal slaughter to help spread the word via my facebook, and I just have to say - bravo. Your blog is great, glad there are people out there willing to speak (write) the truth without fear of repercussion from ignorant, closed minded fools who prefer to defend their lifestyle than take a good hard look in the mirror and face the reality of what that lifestyle does to our environment and to the animals so many people like to call "friends."

    I'm gradually working to get my own vegan blog up and running - I currently have just my own personal blog up - I look forward to reading more posts from you.