Sunday, March 7, 2010

Major setback for the fur industry

The fur industry has been stepping up lately, claiming that fur is back and here to stay. It might be true that fur has become more popular the last few years, because the media has been deliberately saturated with it in order to promote it as aggressively as possible...that does not mean that fur is here to stay, nor that it is suddenly ethical or right.

Quite the contrary: a lot has happened in the last couple of months. Cruelty on danish and norwegian fur farms (supposed to be amongst the best in the world) has been exposed to the public and created an international outrage, danish fur breeders have been charged with animal abuse, Ireland moved to ban fur production, Holland is close to outlawing mink farming, denmark outlawed fox farming, ...

You can read more about these cases here: is the end in sight for the fur industry

The list goes on and on. And now two more victories can be added to the list. Israel is very close to becoming the first fur-free country in the world and cruelty on finnish fur farms is exposed to the general public.

Haaretz:Israel to ban fur

The Ministerial Committee on Law and Constitution voted Sunday to ban the import and export of furs of all kind, save those designated for religious or traditional use.

I haven't heard politicians say this very often in regards to the fur industry:

We should set an example to the rest of the world on this matter."

To me a clear sign that our hard work is paying off.

Finnish fur farms: fur stop

Over seven months, 30 fur farms, seven hours of footage and one and a half thousand photographs, Animal Defenders International investigated a random sample of Finnish fur farms. This investigation exposes the terrible suffering that is part and parcel of the fur industry.

As you can read on their news page , their campaign is already having an international effect.

But this doesn't mean we have "won". There are still much more work to do. So don't give in and do not relent.

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