Monday, November 30, 2009

Elizabeth Carlisle gets slap on the wrist

There you have it. Elizabeth Carlisle: the petland employee who drowned two rabbits, yelled at them because they didn't die fast enough, then had her picture taken with the two dead animals while smiling and who then posted it all on facebook so she could brag about her killing spree to her buddies got of with a slap on the wrist. (my previous post about Carlisle: drowning rabbits

probation for drowned rabbits

I have to say: I am pleased that she at least got a conviction in the first place. But a 250 dollar fine, some community service and a probation seems very little for the clear and utter disregard of both animal life and suffering. This was clear animal cruelty at its core to me at its. Even from a very traditional animal welfare point of view there was no excuse for this. And still she has many supporters and got off easy. The punishment should have been far sterner to send a clear signal.

But the signal that was sent appears to be the opposite of what was needed for the animals. And it becomes quite clear when you read some of the utterly retarded comments made on that newsarticle (they really make me angry).

jimrchrt wrote:

anyone that has grown up on or around a farm knows that this is a perfectly acceptable means of dispatching a tiny animal , next to ringing its neck,

Of course total nonsense. According to these folks who like to brag about 'responsible use of animals' they need to die quickly. Drowning them takes minutes. And he doesn't forget to mention the delicious taste of rabbit either.

Steve wrote:

People are putting there kids in the trash. Who cares about a couple f-ing rabbits?

And how does this defend blatant animal cruelty and breaking the law?

Apprasit wrote:

What a waste of my tax dollars ...all over a couple of useless rabbits, who multiply by the thousands if you'll let them, just another cute form of vermin,like deer..

This one says it all now doesn't it.

Reading those comments while taking into account what happened really depresses me. We still have a long way to go. But whatever you say or do...You can't talk empathy and compassion into people. It seems to me that there are many people out there who just want to act like monsters because they can. And they will enjoy it and brag about it as much as they can. Sometimes our entire struggle feels so hopeless.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Roger Moore tackles foie gras

Sir Roger Moore has joined the batlle against foie gras and not without success. Selfridges has agreed to drop foie gras! This is a major victory for the animals. Lets hope that many others will follow soon.

Read all about it on ecorazzi: Selfridges drops foie gras


Moore even sent a private letter to Selfridges’ owner, offering to buy the company’s entire remaining stock if they agreed never to carry it again

Now, this is dedication! Way to go...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Peta ad: celebs speak out for seals

Here is a Peta video sporting a host of celebrities speaking out for seals. No more seal hunt!

And one of my favorite actresses Tricia Helfer is in it too. Tricia really has a heart for animals and isn't afraid to speak her mind about it. Great! I wrote a full blogpost about our favorite animal activist cylon here: Tricia Helfer speaks out against fur

Be sure to read this too: European Union bans seal fur

Monday, November 2, 2009

minkbreeders charged with animal abuse

Last week I made a post about the 'battle' between animal welfare / animal rights advocates and the fur trade. Recently Ireland banned the breeding of animals for fur and joined other European countries such as Croatia or England. The last few months gruesome images of the fur trade sparked a ferocious debate in Norway and Denmark (Denmark already banned the breeding of foxes for fur). Animal activists literally crawled over fences in both Norway and Denmark to be able to document the real conditions in which the animals live day to day (so no announced visits like you see on the news).

You can find my previous post here: hope for the future

If you haven't read it yet: do so now...and see with you own eyes how the fur industry responds to criticism (like putting out a bounty on animal activists and such).

The images were made by animal activists of animal rights group Anima in cooperation with Danish TV2 and Extra Bladet. After the images were aired it apparently became clear to the authorities that this could not continue any longer. And yes: fur breeders are being charged for animal abuse.

The fur industry tried everything they could to stop the broadcast of the documentary on TV2...and of course they seize the opportunity to claim how well their animals are being taken care of, never forgetting to mention how extreme and dangerous those vegetarian/vegan animal rights activists really are (fur folk love to do that to divert attention I guess).

But what seems to work in Canada or the US didn't work here in Europe.

According to the Danish newspaper 'Politiken':

De 34 avlere, som blev afsløret i dyremishandling, talte blandt andre Dansk Pelsdyravlerforenings formand, Erik Ugilt Hansen.

So, 34 breeders were charged with animal abuse...among others the chairman of the fur breeders association Erik Ugilt Hansen.

If you read some Danish, you can read it all here: Politiken article on fur

I hope these images and the discussions it will spark in Denmark and other countries will wake up some people to the reality of this unnecessary and cruel product.

Don't wear fur: You don't need it to keep warm, you don't need it to look good (and since when is that an excuse?), you won't die because you aren't wearing fur (animals will, for nothing)...

Here is some more information about the hideous conditions in which fur bearing animals live (danish): fur

Tricia Helfer speaks out against fur

We all know her: Tricia Helfer...better known as Caprica six (Battlestar Galactica). Turns out she is more then just a cold skinjob. This Cylon has a heart for animals and has demonstrated this on multiple occasions. I've covered this before, here is a link to my other blog (lies dormant these days): Tricia Helfer has a heart for animals: kitten rescue

Tricia is speaking up against fur (canadians can be against this sort of stuff too you know!):

Tricia speaks out against seal fur:

Tricia Helfer: save the seals

Tricia Helfer is calling on the Canadian government to end the annual seal slaughter once and for all.

Fur traders beware! You now have to deal with the Cylons...good luck!